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1000 VBG Vertical OD/ID Grinding Machine

1000 VBG Vertical OD/ID Grinding Machine

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Grind hardened gear ODs and IDs concentric to the pitch line of a finished gear with Bourn & Koch's new 1000VBG, a 1000 mm size vertical OD/ID grinding machine. The Siemens 840D CNC control with linear and circular interpolation runs in a Windows XP environment. Its menu style data input means CNC programming knowledge is not required.

Fewer moving parts, sealed bearings and full CNC controls eliminate the need for maintenance. And, as one branch of Bourn & Koch's new line of composite platform machines, the 1000VBG shares common stocked components, which shorten lead and installation times.

Bourn & Koch's VBG also comes in 1500 mm and 2000 mm sizes and can be reconfigured as a shaping machine or turning center. Machine variations can also be combined to create cells.

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 Bourn & Koch VB Series Brochure